How your data is handled

To support effective rendering and service delivery we take a copy of your issue data. But we don't hold onto it for long.

Your data is organised into "batches" associated with your authenticated email address and assigned a secure random identifier. All attempts to access it rely on authenticating as controller of your chosen email address and knowing the random identifier.


Your data is held while you progress your batch, preview it, apply filters and fill out your shipping information. Batches are expired after 7 days if not ordered. Ordered batches are retained for 30 days in order to answer queries regarding our performance of the service and to fix customer issues.

Your name, contact details and shipping address are retained permanently for accounting purposes


Statistics are prepared on-demand to ensure users understand the contents and value of their imported data in general terms. e.g. that it contains 134 bugs, 76 features, etc. Statistics are calculated from retained batches and the aggregated values are not stored.


Issue data is printed in-house in a locked building.


We employ a team collaboration / chat environment to handle rendered documents and marshal them for printing.


Your details are not sold.

We rely on a third party data processor to manage contact lists for marketing purposes. We reserve the right to vary the party from time to time to ensure the data is managed securely and effectively.