Backlog Printing for Jira

We believe that organising meetings around paper rather than digital artifacts enables more focus and better outcomes in less time.

More ambitious problem solving tasks can be tackled, leading to new possibilities for scrum masters and coaches to facilitate improvement.

Our service helps you access these possibilities.

Install Add-On

Getting Started on JIRA

To install the Add-On visit the Agile Stationery vendor page on Atlassian Marketplace and locate the Backlog Printing for Jira Add-On.

Select your hosting model and press "Buy it now" or "Try it free" and sign up for a licence in the usual manner. Should you take out a full licence your Atlassian account will be billed for the appropriate fee.

Pricing model

For JIRA users we provide an "all you can eat" service based on the size of your team. This is the standard model for Jira plugins. We are committed to providing the service at sustainable and competitive pricing.

Printing your Backlog

On your backlog and board screens, locate the agile actions menu, usually in the top right. The "Print cards for me" button appears below the "Print cards" button.

Your cards will be labelled with the names of your sprints versions and epics and filters can be applied by label.

Once you have selected the cards you wish to order, just hit "Order Printing" and you will be transferred to an order form.